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Walking classroom, powered by an NEF Teacher Innovation Grant

Have you ever been around a child who was bursting with energy? Now imagine trying to get them to do a school assignment or focus on a learning task. Many students (and adults too) become restless and distracted when they sit for too long and that makes it harder for teachers to keep them engaged in learning. Juliette Goldston, the Gifted Resource Teacher at Flint Hill Elementary School, recognized this issue in her own students and came up with a creative idea to address it.

Goldston applied for an NEF Teacher Innovation Grant to purchase walking-kit devices for each of her students. While walking, the students listen to a podcast that aligns with the curriculum. These lessons combine listening and learning with a physical activity which increases engagement and helps students stay focused. Ms. Goldston plans to use these audio devices in several of her classes, and she hopes that other classes at Flint Hill will consider doing so as well.

She shared, “Many of my students have strong listening comprehension skills and they have shared that this is their preferred method for learning new information. I am grateful for this grant from Newton Education Foundation which gives students another way to focus on new information for our learning goals, while also moving their bodies and developing healthy habits. For a teacher that is a win-win!”

Newton Education Foundation helps great teachers engage students by providing teacher grants from donations made by members of our community.

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