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Peach Education Tax Credit | Be all in for Kids

Be All in for Kids, and Keep Your Tax Dollars in Newton County

Newton County taxpayers can turn their Georgia income taxes into a dollar-for-dollar donation to the Newton Education Foundation by taking advantage of the PEACH Education Tax Credit. This program, an initiative of the Georgia Foundation for Public Education, has been funded by the legislature with $5 million, which is being distributed on a first-come, first served basis. So act now.

Claiming the credit is a simple three step process.

1. Apply online at the Georgia Foundation for Public Education, You’ll recieve a confirmation to proceed.

2. Donate on the GFPE website — choose to send your credit to the Newton Education Foundation.

3. Claim the tax credit on your Georgia income tax return, dollar-for-dollar, against your state income taxes.

Learn more about the tax credit at

The Newton Education Foundation puts community resources to work in Newton County Schools for our kids so they can achieve academic and personal success. We do this by providing funds that help our schools remove obstacles, provide great educational opportunities that deepen learning and support teachers in meeting the learning needs of all kids.

Our current projects include:
High School  |  College & Career Academy Animal Sciences Facility Modernization
Middle School  |  Listening to our Kids: Youth Voices on Mental Health
Elementary School  |  Improving Literacy through Teacher Training
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