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Aspiraciones Mas Grandes Scholarship, 2024

From left: Travis Collins, Madison Forsythe, Haley Quinn, Bryan Webb, Rose Collins

Three recipients were recently announced for the Aspiraciones Mas Grandes Scholarship, funded by the Collins family.

Inspired by a neighbor, Rose and Travis Collins created a scholarship that provides recognition and assistance to aspiring first generation Latino college students. They called the award Aspiraciones Mas Grande — Bigger Aspirations.

This scholarship, for students graduating from Newton County Schools, is administered by the Newton Education Foundation and provides three $3,000 awards to graduating seniors.

Madison Forsythe | Aspiraciones Mas Grande Scholarship

Madison Forsythe will be attending Emory University in the fall and is planning to major in biology and predictive health on the pre-med track. Her time spent volunteering at the local hospitals and health centers in her community are what inspired Madison to want to become a pulmonary heart physician. She has demonstrated a commitment to pursuing a future that centers on health and service.

Madison epitomizes what a well-rounded student should be. She is ethical, gets along well with her peers, is driven, is a fast learner and very caring of others. She is an exceptional human being who has much to offer the world, if only given the chance. – Debra Lary, NCCA Work-Based Learning Teacher

I’ve enjoyed witnessing Madison blossom from the virtual screen in her 9th-grade year to taking the stage as a HOSA (Future Health Professional) state officer in her senior year. As a student leader, Madison has consistently served others in a spirit of excellence, integrity, and selflessness. – Roberta Axson, NCCA Teacher

Ms. Forsythe has impressed me with her diligence, her drive for excellence, her willingness to challenge herself, and her ability to successfully carry a rigorous academic course load, a full volunteer schedule, as well as a part time job schedule. I cannot wait to hear about all of the wonderful accomplishments that are sure to fill her future as a healthcare professional. Madison, you are incredible, and I wish you all the best! – Pamela B. Consuegra, NCCA Teacher

From Madison:
My most cherished memory about my time in Newton County has been the meaningful connections I’ve made. I have met dedicated musicians led by a talented band director at NHS. At NCCA’s STEM Institute, I have met outstanding trainers, advisors, and administrators who have opened many doors for me professionally, provided constant support, and so much more. I’ve worked with intelligent classmates that challenged me to think outside the box. Working with the NCSS BOE taught me about the importance of developing professional relationships. Mentoring younger students has shown me the importance of reaching out and educating others. Working with community and spiritual leaders has allowed me to gain different perspectives on life.

Something people might not know about me is that I love graphic design. My passion for creating digital designs started by doing projects in middle-school and carried on since then. Throughout my time in high school I have been able to create designs for the organizations/clubs I am involved in, products for small business, and spreading awareness for topics I am passionate about.

Bryan Gallardo will be attending Kennesaw State University in the fall where he will study Civil Engineering.  Bryan has remained focused on his goals and wants to use his degree to be successful in the building industry.  Bryan’s transition from the Newton College and Career Academy to Newton High School allowed him to recognize the importance of his culture and community in shaping his future.


Bryan was in my World History class his sophomore year and I have kept in touch with him since then.  He speaks to me every morning about school, and our love for artsy movies.  Those often lead to really good conversations.   He is polite, intelligent, driven, and he is also a really good musician in Orchestra Band.  This kid is for sure going to go far in life!
–Shelbye Hall, Social Studies Teacher, Newton High School

Over the past three years, I’ve had the privilege of knowing Bryan, who currently serves as the Latino Student Union President. His unwavering commitment to his cultural heritage shines brightly through his leadership, inspiring both his peers and the wider school community. Bryan’s dedication to volunteer work and community service has left an indelible mark, fostering positive change and unity. His exemplary courage, strength, and kindness serve as a beacon of inspiration, filling me with immense pride and joy as his teacher. I do not doubt that Bryan will continue to inspire and lead others, leaving a lasting impact wherever he goes.  –Jenniffer Rojas, Spanish Teacher, Newton High School

From Bryan:
I feel that I owe the Jazz Band a lot for my character because I have never been nervous to perform while being in a band, but after joining Jazz, I came across the feeling once more. I was a new student in Newton High, and I remember having to learn to improvise and perform solo’s in class. I would be beyond anxious, but I learned to manage that anxiety better because of Jazz. And having to perform a solo in front of a crowd during a concert really helped strengthen my self esteem more than previous activities I have been in.

One thing I am proud of is my involvement in The Latino Student Union at Newton High School. This was during the time I was a new student at Newton High, and when I saw there was a Latino oriented club, I became excited at being with others like me who I could share being Latino with. I participated in activities, became treasurer my Junior year, performed at the Covington Square, and became president of the club for my final year.  Being able to share the diverse Latin American cultures with, not just the school but the community, is something I am proud to say I was a part of.

Something others don’t know about me is that despite my silly and unserious/worry free appearance in school, I take everything seriously in terms of work and relationships. I worry I  may fail them and myself, and because of that I do my best to be the best Bryan for me and them.

Hailey Quinn will be attending Kennesaw State University and majoring in education to become an elementary school teacher. By consistently serving her peers and the younger children in her community, Hailey has shown that she is dedicated to making this world a better place than she found it.


Hailey has most impressed me with organizational skills, leadership qualities, academic accomplishments, all the while being an active band member and student leader of the Youth Action Team. —Pamela B. Consuegra, NCCA Teacher

Hailey is an exceptional student in every way. I met Hailey during the hybrid COVID year, and even through a screen, her positive attitude and desire to learn improved the classroom environment, and she was always willing to help her peers. —Joshua Cook, Accelerated Algebra Teacher

Hailey Quinn is a remarkable young lady who will continue to accomplish her goals in the future. She has done an amazing job working with pre-K students in my Early Childhood Education courses at Newton College and Career Academy, as well as helped multiple students during her labs at Porterdale Elementary – all while maintaining high averages in all of her classes and volunteering to help her community regularly. Additionally, when Hailey can choose to have some downtime, she volunteers weekly with the Gifted class at Porterdale Elementary School and actively participates in numerous extra-curricular clubs and organizations.

Besides being a great student and community leader, I have come to enjoy (and admire) Hailey’s sense of humor and work ethic. She keeps me on my toes constantly with her one-line zingers or side-eye stares, but I appreciate our playful banter because it says a lot about her ability to balance all the things that life has thrown her way. She (rarely) complains, gets ALL tasks done over and beyond what was expected with her own flare, and never lets an obstacle/problem hold her back for too long.  She is extremely motivated and driven to be successful, and this will ensure her success in whatever endeavors she pursues. I have enjoyed the time that we have shared these past two years, and I look forward to working alongside her in the future when she becomes an educator in her own classroom. Saying I am beyond proud and excited for her is such an understatement. –Jasmen Moore, Early Childhood Education Trainer and FCCLA Advisor

From Hailey:

I’m proud that I was able to stay true to myself all throughout high school. High school changes people and I can proudly say that I was always focused on my grades and on the right things in school which has led me to a lot of success such as good grades, trainers choice awards, student of the year, and making it to nationals for FCCLA!

Something people may not know about me is that I have been in band for seven  years. I play the clarinet. I was in the marching band and symphonic band at Liberty Middle School. I also participated in marching band and symphonic band at Alcovy High School for two years then I transferred to Newton High School where I was in symphonic band. I have made district honor band four  times, and have made it to the second round of all state band auditions twice.

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