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Newton County Schools | Georgia

It is amazing to see what great educators can do with funding provided through our teacher grant program.

This month, we notified eleven educators that NEF would be funding their grant proposals.  The projects, which will be implemented during the 2024-2025 school year, included STEAM activities, Dance and Theatre support, Fractions in the real world and much more.

Summary of Grants Funded:

Books for Everyone!
Submitted by: Teresa Sauls, East Newton Elementary
$1,000 to purchase books to fill the Book Vending Machine.
Student can earn tokens based on behavior and then choose a book from the vending machine.

Curtain Call Companions
Submitted by: Kennedy Lynn, Eastside High School
$2,500 to support Curtain Call Companions,  a program that integrates autistic/neurodivergent and neurotypical students in theater all within a production together.

Curb Appeal
Submitted by: Kimberlee Sorrell, Fairview Elementary
$1,000 to help beautify the external entrance to the school with landscaping and lighting.

Fifth Grade Fractions
Submitted by: Makeba Story, Fairview Elementary
$630 for materials that will be used to teach fractions in the real world.  Students will design and develop their own city using fractions.

Cultivating Community Health through Gardening
Submitted by Katlyn Doster, Fairview Elementary
$1,360 to support the creation of a school garden. The garden will then be used by all grade levels for education and stress relief.

Bringing Reading to Life
Submitted by Mary Lynn Custer, Livingston Elementary
$1,200 to support materials to make reading instruction multisensory.

Piedmont Bird Behavior
Submitted by: Deborah Barr, Elizabeth Rogers and Dell Kirkpatrick, Newton County STEAM Academy
$1,360 to support the design and 3D printing of a birdhouse which will then be used by the students to engage in scientific inquiry to learn about the feeding habits of birds.

Establishing a Foundation for Ceramic Arts
Submitted by: Jamie Felix, Newton County STEAM Academy
$1,400 to purchase tools to support ceramics instruction for middle school students and expand the ceramics instruction that can be offered.

The Dance Costume Project
Submitted by Alainna Evans, Newton High School
$1,750 for the purchase of dance costumes to support performances and ensure that all students can participate with no worries about having the proper performance costumes.

Constructing Models (Atomic, Ionic and Molecular)
Submitted by Fiona Spence, Newton High School
$991 for the purchase of materials so that students can create 3D models of atoms, ions and molecules, helping them understand how their form impacts their function.  Materials can be reused in the future.

STEAM Fridays
Submitted by Tichina Mack, South Salem High School
$2,000 to support the purchase of materials that will be used on STEAM Fridays to engage both students and families in hands on learning.

Gifts to Newton Education Foundation support great educators and fund our teacher grant program.

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